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  • Stainless steel filter mesh
  • Stainless steel filter mesh
  • Stainless steel filter mesh
  • Stainless steel filter mesh
Stainless steel filter meshStainless steel filter meshStainless steel filter meshStainless steel filter mesh
    The edging filter mesh is made of 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel punching mesh, stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh. It is stamped into pieces on the stamping machine by die, and the metal mesh of different meshes is combined with the support net and packaged. Made by the process. Mainly used for precision filtration in the petrochemical industry.
    Stainless steel filter according to the process: 1, multi-layer spot welding stainless steel filter mesh. 2, multi-layered stainless steel filter mesh.
    Stainless steel filter mesh is divided into shapes: rectangular, round, ring, shape, waist, and profile.
    The stainless steel filter mesh is divided into structures according to the structure: single layer mesh, multi-layer composite filter mesh, combined filter mesh.
    The stainless steel filter mesh is divided into layers: single layer, double layer, three layers, four layers, five layers, and multiple layers.
Main material of stainless steel filter mesh: stainless steel filter (20~800 mesh).
    The stainless steel filter is famous for its melt filter. The main filter material of this filter is mainly made of stainless steel woven mesh and stainless steel fiber sintered felt.
Characteristics: Stainless steel woven mesh is made of stainless steel wire. Its folded wave filter has the characteristics of smooth hole, easy to clean, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no falling off of the wire mesh and long filtration period.
    Features: large filter area (5-10 times that of ordinary cylindrical filter), wide range of filtration accuracy (1-300um) connection: standard interface (such as 222220226), quick interface link, threaded connection, flange connection, tie rod link , special custom interface
    Application: Mainly used in high molecular polymer and oil water treatment, high temperature gas, pharmaceutical and other media filtration. We can customize according to customer requirements.
    Our company has a large number of spare stocks in the regular grid, which can be customized with the customer's requirements for production and processing, and provide customers with screen design technical solutions.



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