Why do we need to brush oil for perforated mesh?

There are many users have found that before we carry out the perforated mesh processing for it in advance brush oil, as to why this is, there are many people are not very clear. Here I will discuss the answer to this question with you in depth, take a look at why we must ask questions for the perforated mesh brush oil it. Specifically as follows.

Nowadays perforated mesh is widely used in various fields, as the technology continues to mature, consumers are more and more inclined to customize perforated mesh, in the face of more and more processing manufacturers, consumers with the conditions have observed many manufacturers of perforated mesh production, have a general understanding of its production process.

In this process, I wonder if you have noticed that before processing is generally in the processing of the material brush oil or spray lubricant, for professionals to say that this is a common sense, but also a habit, but as consumers may not quite understand why the need to brush oil?

In fact, the purpose of this is clear mainly the following points.

One: to protect the punching needle from harm.

Second: to reduce the friction between the perforated mesh material and the stripper plate, reducing the wear and tear of the plate.

Thirdly, it is easier to remove the material and reduce the burr around the perforated mesh.

Our factory mainly produces iron plate perforated wire mesh, galvanized plate perforated wire mesh, stainless steel plate perforated wire mesh, aluminum plate perforated wire mesh, PVC plate perforated wire mesh, etc. The hole types produced are: round hole, oval hole, long waist hole, square hole, hexagonal hole, multilateral hole, rhombus hole, star-shaped hole, cross hole, plum blossom hole, louvered hole, fish mouth hole, shallow stretch hole and other hole types, special specifications to support customization.

This is why when processing perforated mesh must be brushed in advance for its specific reasons, I do not know if you have read to get clear!

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