Do you know what are the anti-rust measures of perforated plate mesh?

Although the use of perforated plate mesh has a lot of advantages, but we should find that it is relatively easy to rust after a period of use. Here I suggest that we must pay attention to its anti-rust treatment, so as to ensure that its service life is not affected, the following is the specific content of the introduction: 

1. Perforated plate mesh is coated with machine oil, paint or covered with plastic and other corrosion-resistant non-metallic materials on the surface of steel parts.

2. Perforated plate mesh with electroplating, hot plating, spray plating and other methods, in the steel surface plated with a layer of corrosion-resistant metals, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc.. These metals often form a dense oxide film due to oxidation, thus preventing the corrosion of steel by water and air, etc.

3. Perforated plate mesh with chemical methods to make the steel surface to generate a layer of fine and stable oxide film. Such as in machine parts, guns and other steel parts to form a layer of fine black film on the surface.

[Electrochemical protection method] using the principle of the primary battery for metal protection, trying to eliminate the primary battery reaction caused by galvanic corrosion. Electrochemical protection method is divided into two categories: anodic protection and cathodic protection. More application is the cathodic protection method.

[Corrosion media processing] to eliminate corrosive media, such as often wipe clean metal equipment, in precision instruments placed in the desiccant and in the corrosive medium to add a small amount of corrosion inhibitors that can slow down the corrosion rate.

These are the specific introduction and sharing of perforated plate network rust prevention work, I hope you can learn how to operate and use after reading.

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