Perforated Metal Sheet Production Process

1. First select the material of the steel plate. At the beginning of the production of punching mesh, precise mold design is required. The quality of a mold determines the quality of the punching plate product in a large program. Therefore, we have been rushing in recent years. The hole mold has invested a lot of money and energy, which has significantly improved the mold design and production capacity of our factory, and accumulated some mold patterns.

2, punching net punching: now using the domestic advanced wkc-2000 type CNC punching equipment production. Stepper motor feeding and plc operation control, the product accuracy reaches +/-0.15MM, and standardized management, can be stamped in the range of 10mm--0.2mm.

3. Trimming of punched mesh panels: If the edge of the manufacturing process exceeds the tolerance range you require, our skilled technicians can help you remove excess edges according to your requirements.

4. Cutting of punched mesh panels: Cut the entire roll from the size you need.

5. Leveling of the punching net: We can use the leveling machine to restore the punched plate of the punched deformation to its original flat state. Steel plates with a thickness of 0.8mm-12mm can be leveled. And cleaning the punching, requires the use of lubricants, but we also have a degreasing process to remove traces of its surface, making the orifice plate clean. Forming and deep processing, in addition to customer reservations, we can also provide a series of subsequent processing on the punching plate, including: leveling, cutting, labeling, packaging, degreasing, deburring, forming, annealing, painting, plating, welding, Polishing, bending, rolling, etc.



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