Perforated screens are widely used in filtration sites

A method of separating a liquid-insoluble solid substance from a liquid during filtration. The principle is that when filtering, the liquid passes through the small holes in the filter paper, and the solid matter remains on the filter paper, thereby separating the solid and the liquid. What we call a filter screen is also called a filter. It is divided into a textile fiber filter and a filter.
      We refer to machines containing filter screens as filters for filtering natural water and food. Filter screens (filter screens) are mainly used in range hoods, air filters, air conditioners, purifiers, dehumidifiers, and Filters, etc., filter screens are suitable for a variety of different filtration, dust removal and separation requirements, while filter screens are also suitable for filtration in petroleum, chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The filter sieve plate has its own unique characteristics: the sieve plate has simple manufacturing process, good gas permeability, direct filtration, uniform and stable precision, no leakage, good regeneration performance and fast regeneration speed. As a sieve plate, the sieve plate can be used not only for filtration but also for screening, noise reduction and the like.



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