Perforated metal sheet

  • Round Hole Perforated Metal
  • Round Hole Perforated Metal
  • Round Hole Perforated Metal
  • Round Hole Perforated Metal
  • Round Hole Perforated Metal
Round Hole Perforated MetalRound Hole Perforated MetalRound Hole Perforated MetalRound Hole Perforated MetalRound Hole Perforated Metal

Round Hole Perforated Metal

  • Perforation size: 1mm-154mm (additional Perforation sizes are available on request)
  • Sheet Thickness: Popular thickness: 0.75mm – 12mm. Graepels can perforate up to 25mm thick on special request/order
  • Sheet sizes: Standard sizes include 2mx1m, 2.5mx1.25m and 3mx1.5m. Sheets 4mx2m are perforated on our larger machines. Longer lengths up to 6m perforated by special request.
  • Percentage open area: All open areas are physically possible but standard tooling tends to be between 20% and 60%
  • Product description: Perforated Metal Sheets have a variety of Architectural, Industrial and Commercial Applications. For instance, Perforated Sheets are an excellent choice for windbreakers, anti-slip flooring & steps.

Round hole perforated metal:

usually made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel and alloy.


Our advanced and expert tooling department allows us to customize tooling to your exact requirements.
  • Perforated patterns are available in one-hole size or a variety of different hole sizes and shapes
  • Bespoke patterns and pitches are designed to individual customer’s requests
  • Different Perforated Metal types are also available in flush, embossed (raised), countersunk and louvered
  • Standard staggered pitch include; 60, 90 and 45-degree orientation
Please note:
Typical pitch configurations are 45 Degree, 60 Degree, Rectangular pitch and 90 Degrees.
60 Degrees at 30 Degrees, random perforations, decorative perforations and picture perf are bespoke.

Perforated Metal Sheet


  • Architectural Sector: Balustrade Infill Panels, Walkways, Weather Screens (Sun, Wind & Rain Screens), Rainscreen Cladding
  • Industrial Sector: Filtration, Ventilation, Security Grills, Sound Attenuation, Air Pressure Control, Fencing, Machine Guards
  • Agricultural Industry: Pest control, Screening and Grading, Milling, Flooring for Pigs, Sheep or Cattle
  • Quarry & Recycling Industry: Screening and Grading
  • Retail Industry: Point of Sale and Decorative Applications


  • In its solid state, Perforated Metal Sheets are smooth with a high strength ratio especially when round holes are used. This makes it ideal for forming into three-dimensional shapes to increase strength and rigidity.
  • Perforated Metal sheeting is ideal for applications such as ceiling tiles, cladding, lamps, balustrade infill and much more.

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